Multifunctional Waterproof Code Meter Odometer Speedometer Watch Bogle Touch Screen 813 Wired


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Material: ABS, acrylic, plastic

Brand: Bogle BoGeer

Is it waterproof: Yes

Display accuracy: 0.01

Backlight working mode: manual

Standby time: 2 years

Style : Wired 84g Wireless 87g (including packaging)


Not automatic

【main feature】

● The code table highlights white light at night, with high brightness, average light source and soft light. It has wide influence in professional teams and high cost performance;

● With A car / B car data selection, you can set two kinds of wheels at the same time, two sets of data;

●Double-line and four-window display for easy viewing of data without frequent adjustment of buttons;

●Using high-capacity lithium-manganese battery, one battery is equivalent to 4.3 capacity of ordinary battery;

● Silicone button; paint coating, generous and high-grade;

●Easy to install, easy to set up; separate design of the head, can be detached at any time, carry it with you;

●The head can be rotated to facilitate the installation of the horizontal handle/vertical handle;


【The main function】

● Dynamic display of driving mileage, cycling time, real-time vehicle speed, travel time, calories burned, current time, current date;

● Check the fastest speed, average speed, total driving time, total mileage, current temperature, car and wheel revolutions per minute at any time;

●With the luminous function, using high-grade high-intensity cold light source, you can see the information at night to see at a glance;

● With metric/imperial unit selection, it is suitable for the use of different users at home and abroad;

● Battery low voltage prompt, let you keep abreast of the work of the code table;

● Vehicle refueling/maintenance tips to ensure your car has the best performance and longevity;

● With 12/24 hour system, Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature unit selection, perpetual calendar function, let you travel more confident;

● With stopwatch function, let you accurately grasp the game materials;

● With speed reminder function, you can drive safer;

● Wide range of applications, suitable for 4″-40″ bicycles/electric vehicles, even on motorcycles;

● Acceleration and deceleration dynamic indication, keep abreast of speed changes;

●Using imported sensor, stable performance, accurate speed and wide working temperature;

● Ambient temperature display and clock function;

●Automatic shutdown function;

● Stylish exterior design, rain-proof design, portable, easy to disassemble.

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 cm

Wired, Wireless

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