Untoom Bicycle Motorcycle Phone Holder Waterproof Bike Phone Case Bag


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Easy to Install and Remove, fits round pipes and motorcycle and bicycle handlebars 17-32mm diameters.

Various sizes to choose. 


When the base is connected with the waterproof bag, it will be deducted when you hear the sound of the cymbal. If it is installed, try it out. If it is loose, please use the card.


Material: ABS plastic + leather

Applicable models: IPHONE6 5.5

Applicable environment: cylindrical items such as bicycle handlebars

Packing: opp bag

Small (small package):

Small package size: 138*75*30mm

Small bag size: 125*60*25mm

Suitable for iphone4/5S and other mobile phones smaller than this specification are also available.

Medium (in the package):

Outer package size: 150*85*30mm

Inside the package: 135*75*25mm

Suitable for iPhone6/S3/S2/I9100/I9500…etc. 4.7 inch or smaller size, this is also available for mobile phones smaller than this specification, such as Xiaomi, Samsung I9100, Huawei P6, htc new one/X

Large (big bag):

Large package size: 160*100*30mm

Large size inside the bag: 150*85*25mm

Suitable for iPhone6plus / millet 3 / I9300 / Samsung note2 / N7100 / note1/I9220 / Huawei 3C … and other sizes below 5.5 inches, less than this size of the phone available, such as Nokia 920.

Increase (increase package):

Increase the size of the package: 183*110*30mm

Increase the size of the bag: 168 * 92 * 25mm

Suitable for large size mobile phones such as Samsung note3/4…

Tips: The base and the waterproof bag are connected. When you install it, you will hear the sound of the cymbal sound. If it is installed, try it out. If it is loose, please use it.  

Package Content:

1 x Bag 


Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 150 × 85 × 25 cm

L, M, S, XL



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