Factory direct tactical goggles riding bike cover outdoor special goggles for motorcycle helmet


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 (1) The use of imported polycarbonate fiber (POLYCARBONATE) PC reinforced lens, in line with the US National Bureau of Standards ANSI Z87.1 first-class impact standard. There is no problem with the speed of 10 meters against 150 meters / second. The mercury coating reflects the external light, and the outside world cannot see the wearer’s eyes, but the wearer has clear vision and no distortion of color; 

 (2) Black high elastic elastic band with a width of 3cm, comfortable to wear, adjustable buckle, easy to adjust for head shape; 

 (3) Preventing solid liquid particles from causing eye damage; 

 (4) Prevent the stimulation of cold eyes on the eyes; 

5) There is a ventilation system on the outside of the frame, and a high-density black breathable sponge on the inside, which is good in ventilation and wind resistance. 

 (6) High quality, light and tough, veneer, suitable for all kinds of face, comfortable to wear.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

Colorful, Golden lens, Gray, Red, Sand white frame color film, Sand white frame silver plated, Silver, Tan, Transparent, Yellow

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