Electric Cleaning Brush Dishwashing Brush Automatic Wireless USB Rechargeable Professional Kitchen Bathtub Tile Cleaning Brushes


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1. High-quality powerful scrubber brush is of high efficiency to remove dust, dirt, charred traces, etc.

2. Automatic brush helps to save time and energy. Just push one button and hold the brush body, and then a clean place appears.

3. Humanity designed 3 interchange brush heads that effectively clean out the dirty dead corners, suitable for different objects.

4. The hand-held design and cordless operation make it easy to work even in tight corners. It’s easy to grip.

5. Handy power scrubber for cleaning tub, table, washing basin, kitchen sink, toilet, window glass, and so on.

Product information :

Function: cleaning brush

Material: Plastic

Color: [double brush head] [high power 1200mA] [rechargeable] third gear pink, [double brush head] [high power 1200mA] third gear green, [double brush head] [high power 1200mA] third gear white, [three-headed brush] scouring pad brush+brush+sponge brush

Charging method: USB charging

Gear adjustment: 3rd gear adjustment

Product features: various brush heads are clean and labor-saving

Size Information:

Product size 224*119mm

Packing List:

Cleaning brush *1+
Brush head *2

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 105 cm

1PC, Green, Pink, Suit, White


Baijie cloth brush, Bottle brush, Nipple brush, Nylon brush, Sponge brush, Suit, Wire brush, Four headed, Six headed, With 2brush heads1200mAh, With 3brush heads1200mAh, Suit1, Suit2, Set, Set1

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