6blade Portable Blender Mini Juicer Cup Extractor Smoothie USB Charging Fruit Squeezer Blender Food Mixer Ice Crusher Portable Juicer Machine


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Product information:

Power: 140W

Maximum juice output at one time: 400mL and below

Pulp residue box capacity: 500ml or less (including 500ml)

Feeding port shape: round

The maximum speed of the juicer: 20001 rpm (inclusive) -22000 rpm (inclusive)

Additional functions of the juicer: squeeze, stir, beat eggs, make milkshakes

Body material: plastic

Capacity: 400mL and below

Speed: 20001 rpm (inclusive) -22000 rpm (inclusive)

Function: Juicing

Smart type: Smart is not supported

Product specifications: 100mm*96mm*300mm

Packing list: host, cup lid, USB cable, manual,

Maximum oil output at one time: 400mL and below

Color: Tunisian dark blue

Voltage: ≤36V

Additional information

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 270 cm

Pink, Tunisian dark blue


Six Knife and Single Cover, Six Knives and Double Cups, Six knives

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