Mountain Bike Bicycle 24 26 Inch Disc Brake Shock Absorption Bicycle Men’s And Women’s Variable Speed Bicycle


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Product information:

Material: high carbon steel

Frame structure: integral car

Propulsion mode: Chain

Deadweight: 120kg

Brake system: double disc brake

Frame type: Hard frame

Front fork type: spring fork (low grade no damping)

Configuration level: Standard

Foot type: beaded foot

Brake type: front and rear mechanical disc brake

Size: 26 x17inch

Top match: 21 speed, 24 speed, 27 speed, 30 speed

Frame: front and rear disc brakes

Front fork: 3.18 steel pipe front fork (21 speed, 24 speed, 27 speed) 3.8 Locking front fork (30 speed)

Finger-dialing: one-piece non-positioning (21 speed 24 speed 27 speed), Lingxiang Kit [finger-dialing](30 speed)

Front dial: 31.8 Pull up cable (21 speed 24 speed 27 speed), Lingxiang Kit [forward dial](30 speed)

Back dial: 04 eye dial (21 speed 24 speed), 50 back dial (27 speed), Lingxiang Kit [back dial] (30 speed)

Tower wheels: 7 pieces of non-positioned tower wheels (21 speeds), 8 pieces of non-positioned tower wheels (24 speeds), 9 pieces of positioned tower wheels (27 speeds), 10 pieces of positioned tower wheels (30 speeds)

Rims: Double layer 40pcs aluminum alloy

Central shaft: 3S shaft (21 speed 24 speed), sealing shaft (27 speed 30 speed)

Tire :24*26*195 non-slip

Packing list:


Additional information

Weight 15.50 kg
Dimensions 1350 × 200 × 710 cm

21speed, 24speed, 27speed, 30speed


Black Spoke wheel, Black red Spoke wheel, Blue Spoke wheel, Red Spoke wheel, Six cuts black red, Six cuts black, Six cuts blue, Six cuts red, Six cuts white black, Three cuts black red, Three cuts black, Three cuts blue, Three cuts red, Three cuts white black, White black Spoke wheel

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