Head up display


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Material: Plastic

Type: Car computer monitor

Model; new i9

Applicable models: General

Screen type; imported aviation special LED lights

Screen size; 5.5 inch

Appearance size: 131*85*14(mm)

Color : color

Bandwidth; 50 (MHz)

Resolution : 1000

Compatibility; strong

Input signal; automotive OBD interface

Picture tube; LED light

Standard; binary

Item number; new i9

I9 features introduced

Display: speed, speed, instant water temperature, instantaneous voltage, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption, mileage, clear fault code, Beijing time, travel time, public mile switch

Alarm: speed warning, water temperature reminder, voltage reminder, fatigue driving reminder, fault reminder, oil quantity reminder, speed reminder

Mode: can be switched separately to display only speed, speed, fuel consumption and only display speed

Compatibility: 5.5-inch large screen, more than 95% of models can be installed after 2007, compatibility is very strong, new automatic boot and automatic shutdown options have been added, which can not automatically switch on and off.

Brightness: You can choose auto-sensing to adjust the brightness automatically or choose to adjust the brightness of 1-20 layers manually.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm


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