Fixed Hard Knee Ankle Foot Brace Orthosis Thigh Knee Knee Calf Ankle Fixed Bracket Brace


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Product information:

Name: knee ankle foot orthosis

Washing: hand wash and dry

Material: PE plastic, breathable composite fabric, alloy hinge bracket, etc.

Product features 1. Plastic parts are made of advanced PE materials, non-toxic and non-toxic

Taste, high strength, good wear resistance, excellent chemical stability. Plastic

The surface of the piece is designed with breathable holes, and it is also very comfortable to use in summer.

2. Inner and outer sides adopts high-strength aluminum alloy bracket, which has good supporting effect.

3. The fixed angle of knee joint is adjusted according to individual needs.

4. Inner pad is made of environmentally friendly breathable composite materials, overcoming polymer

Material gas tight disadvantages, comfortable to wear, not stuffy.

Scope of use

1. Fracture of tibial plateau

2. Fracture of tibia and fibula

3. Knee joint ACL injury, Menisci injury

4. Joint function position control

5. Prevention and correction of knee joint contractures

6. Preoperative or postoperative fixation

Packing list:

Thigh corrector x1

Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 2.10 kg
Dimensions 470 × 400 × 140 cm

Black Left, Black Right, White Left, White Right


L, M, S

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