Fishing Gear European-Style Fishing Suit, Hook Swivel, Blocking Beans, Fishing Accessories


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Product information

Components: European style fishing accessories set


277 European style carp fishing accessories set

2m green hose 1

Orange pill-shaped bait stick piece 1

Transparent pill-shaped bait stick piece 1

Ground-hanging T-type cable puller orange 1

2 colored space beans

43g lead sinker with ring American style swivel lead tuft 1

20 black lock pin screws

Matte black Q-shaped swivel S size 20 pcs

Black American swivel L size 10 pcs

Black pins L size 10 pcs

Forced deflection parts 20

10 trigeminal knots

10 green hoses

Brown slip holster 10 pcs

10 brown slide guns

Snap lock needle 20

6# carp hook 20 pcs

4# carp hook 20 pcs

20 yellow corn

40 fish hook block beans

20 three-color blocking beans

12*9.5*3cm accessory box

Size Information

Size: 12*9.5*3cm

Packing list

Fishing set*1

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 130 × 110 × 40 cm


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