Cat Gravity Intelligent Rolling Ball Tease Toy Pet Automatic Rotating Ball


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1. 43mm in “claw control”

Different from the traditional rolling ball size on the market

More suitable for cats

The ‘sense of control’ of primitive hunting

2. Bionic Motion Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Tap to wake up in the smart mode

Simulate prey escape trajectory scrolling

Intelligently choose a route to avoid after hitting an obstacle


Designed for cats, kittens, and puppies, not suitable for adult dogs. And the ball is not waterproof and it may be damaged by dogs who are aggressive chewers. In addition, it is suitable for hard floors, not great on carpets.

Product Information:

Material: Plastic

Product Category: Throwing toys

Article no. : Rolling ball

Size: 43 mm

Battery capacity: 80mAh

Weight: 40g

Packing List:

Plastic toys*1

Type-C cable*1

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 180 cm

2pcs in Green, 2pcs in Pink, 2pcs, 3pcs Green English packaging, 3pcs Green, 3pcs Pink English packaging, 3pcs Pink, 5pcs Green English packaging, 5pcs Green, 5pcs Pink English packaging, 5pcs Pink, Bundle1, Green English packaging 2pcs, Green English packaging, Green, Pink English packaging 2pcs, Pink English packaging, Pink

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