Beauty Jade Massage Facial Massage Beauty Massage Roller


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Product information

Beauty Jade massage facial massage beauty massage roller

Natural products, so each color texture will be different, the physical and online pictures may also be slightly different, subject to the actual object received! (Product shooting is a real shot of the mobile phone, the actual object may be better than the photo, please refer to the real thing)

Color: one set (size only Git box), green (size D, C), 2 green, pink 3pcs (size only C), gift box (size only put), pink (size D, C) , C and D, one kind, B), pink and green (size C only), 2 pink (size C only), green 3pcs (size C only)

Size: Git box, D, C, put, C and D, one kind, B

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Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 50 cm

2 pink, 2green, A set, Gift Box, Green 3pcs, Green and pink, Green, Pink 3pcs, Pink


C, Git Box, Set, D, A, B, C and D

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