All-metal Fishing Reel, Sea Rod, Sea Fishing Reel, Stainless Steel Bearing Fishing Reel


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Commodity information:

Product category: spinning wheel fishing reel

Fishing reel handle direction: left and right hand interchangeable type

Packing list:
one fishing reel

model weight Braking force Speed ratio Winding amount (number/m)
SG1000 ≈230g 10kg 5.2:1 1.0-200 1.2-150 1.5-135
SG2000 ≈240g 10kg 5.2:1 1.2-200 1.5-150 2.0-135
SG3000 ≈290g 18kg 5.2:1 1.5-200 2.0-150 2.5-135
SG4000 ≈310g 18kg 5.2:1 3.0-200 2.0-150 2.5-135

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 120 cm

SG1000, SG2000, SG3000, SG4000

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